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Ukraine President Zelensky plea for salvation 3/16/22

So I hate to say this but the US is culpable for allowing war crimes to be committed every day.
Ukraine is 4,664 miles from the US yet we are deciding their future.
The United Nations a body of Nations in their collective consciousness said implement a No Fly Zone. The US President Biden said NO in fear of creating a nuclear war. Hog wash...
I don't believe that the consensuses of US analysts believe Putin would use nuclear weapons. There is lots of evidence to back this up..
Now we're two and a half weeks into the war. Putin's wealth is estimated to be about $800 billion dollars. Why would anybody with that kind of money want a nuclear war?
There's an old adage, follow the money. Who makes profit off of War?
A no-fly zone could still be created. The United Nations wants it but a few countries don't. How much destruction how many deaths have to occur? Will those Nations that said no be held up countable for war crimes?
When we look around the world and learn from our history the profit makers don't care how long wars last.
The US is about supposedly about Democracy. Yet we're standing back watching tens of thousands of people eventually being murdered and cities be blown up just because the politicians said NO.
Hundreds of billions to rebuild the country. Corporation's are looking forward to their new cash cow.
It reminds me of the time of the Vietnam War and the lies that were told to us.
How do we convince the US at this late stage to allow a no-fly zones?
Why did the US allow this to happen?
Please NATO implement a NO Fly Zone now.
It's time to save lives, it's time to stop the carnage.